International Thessaloniki Roller Marathon – Pella-Thessaloniki

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1st International Thessaloniki Roller Marathon (12th April 2020)

and Kids Skating 1.000m


SUNDAY 12th  APRIL 2020


Inline-skating in Thessaloniki, GREECE – a path in History!

For the first time in Greece, the 1st International Thessaloniki Roller Marathon – Pella-Thessaloniki invites you to live a myth.

This International Roller Marathon, which symbolizes one of the most recognizable personalities of humanity, Alexander the Great, it is a path in history, a path in ancient Greek culture, a Path full of Greece.

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The 1st International Thessaloniki Roller Marathon (April 12th 2020) and the 1k Skating for Primary School Students is organized by the the Sports Club Anemos Thessaloniki and the Centers for the Preventions of Addictions and the Promotion of Psychosocial Health “Seirios” Municipality of Thessaloniki, with the support of the Athletic Club MEAS Triton of Thessaloniki. It is not part of the official program of the International Marathon «Alexander the Great», but will be held as a parallel event.

Roller Marathon

It’s a 42.195 km Marathon on wheels and there is a 1,000m race for Primary School Students.


Your Goal is to finish this Marathon and be part of the myth

Kids Skating 1.000m

It’s a 1,000m race on wheels in order to have fun and present our exciting sport.



The main goal of this race is to encourage participation in sporting events, but also to promote a healthy lifestyle for both participants and their parents.

Roller Marathon

Date of Conduction: Sunday, April 12th 2020

Starting Time: 08:00

Start: Pella Central Square (pedestrian road) in front of the statue of “Alexander the Great”.

Finish: Thessaloniki coastal road – Megalou Alexandrou Avenue (Alexander the Great Statue)

Route Description:

The Marathon route is of low difficulty. Its main characteristics are the small altitude fluctuations and the long straight street that make it ideal for great records. Some other characteristic features are its constant east direction, the long straight street and the limited inhabited areas which it crosses until almost the 30th kilometer.

The race starts from Pella, in front of the statue of Alexander the Great on horseback, hardly a km from the homonym archaeological site, and some 43 meters above sea-level. After the first km of downhill road, the athletes get onto the Thessaloniki-Edessa highway, following it for another 8 km, until they reach Chalkidona.


At the 8th km the athletes enter the city of Chalkidona.
At the 9th km they meet the junction to Veroia and Thessaloniki.
The 10th km is right after Chalkidona.
At the 13th km the road passes through a bridge over Axios River.
The 15th km is before the village Gefyra.
The 20th km is right after the exit for Agios Athanasios at the national highway.
The 25th after the crossroad of Nea Agchialos.
The 28th km passes over Gallikos River.
At the 30th km the athletes pass by Ionia (Diavata)
The 35th km is in the center of Kordelio, in Monastiriou Street.
At the 38th km the athletes turn right in Giannitson Street.
At the 39th the runners turn right in Dafnis Street and then left in Kountouriotou Avenue.
The 40th km is at the Courts of Thessaloniki.
The 41st km and 42nd km run Nikis Avenue.
The finish is at Thessaloniki coastal road – Megalou Alexandrou Avenue (Alexander the Great Statue)



2.2 Kids Skating 1.000m


Starting Time: 08:40

Start: coastal road (Nikis Avenue), at Aristotelous Square

Finish: coastal road – Megalou Alexandrou Avenue (Alexander the Great Statue)

Roller Marathon

·         Participants aged 17 (age group 2003) and older are authorized to attend the race.

·         On the course, only inline skates (wheel size max. 125 mm) and quad skates are permitted.

·         Helmets are obligatory for all inline skaters during the entire course of the event! Further protective equipment is recommended.

·         On entering the “event” , the skaters attest and certify that they are physically fit and have sufficiently trained for competition in this event and their physical condition have been verified by a licensed medical doctor. They declare that they have read the detailed terms of participation in the “event”. They declare that all information stated above is correct.  They also give permission for the free use of their name and picture in any broadcast, telecast or other account of this “event”. They confirm that in no case will they give their bib number to another person for any reason. (In case of a minor, the participation will be allowed only after personal information and contact details of the parent having the legal custody of minor will be given. Submitting the application the parent gives the permission and relevant consent for the child ‘s participation in the event and accepts the content of the declaration above).


Kids Skating 1.000m

·         These races concern children from 8 – 12 years old (born from 2012 to 2008)

·         On the course, only inline skates are permitted, with wheel size max. 100mm

·         A helmet is obligatory for all kids, wristguards are mandatory as well. It is also recommended to wear protection for elbows and knees.


·         The participation will be allowed only after personal information and contact details of the parent having the legal custody of minor will be given. Submitting the application the parent gives the permission and relevant consent for the child‘s participation in the event and accepts the content of the declaration above.

Roller Marathon

Medal Awards (medals and certificates) and also Powerslide Products will be awarded to the first three winners of the general rank of the race for both Men and Women.

Cups will be awarded only to the first Man and the first Woman of the race.

Souvenir medals will be given to all the skaters who finish the race.


The certificates of participation will be available on the official website for all the athletes who finish the race:

Kids Skating 1.000m


Technical t-shirt, finisher’s medal, water, juice, energy bars, banana, chocolate cookies.

Registration forms

The registration deadline for the Roller Marathon is on Wednesday, March 18th 2020.

The registration deadline for the 1k Kids Skating Race is on Friday, April 3th 2020.

Ways to register

You can register ONLY online:,

  • Roller Marathon

ATTENTION: In the «Sports Data» – «Comments» field you enter your official personal record at a previous Roller Marathon.

The registration is completed by each person individually. Skaters should show their identity card for the race package pickup. The underage skaters should also show their id or any other relevant official personal document. In case of receiving the race package on behalf of another skater, it is necessary to show a photocopy of their id/passport.

  • Kids Skating 1.000m

ATTENTION: You have to check the «Escort of child» box and write just below the name and date of birth of the child.

Participation fee

The registration fee is 50€

It offers:

Technical t-shirt, bib number, timing chip, finisher’s medal, transportation to the start (Pella), water, isotonic drinks, juice, energy gel, soft drinks (cola), energy bars, banana, salted snack, medical services, participation certificate (on the official website).


The Kids Skating 1.000m Race is for free.

It offers: Technical t-shirt, finisher’s medal, water, juice, energy bars, banana, chocolate cookies


Online payment by credit and debit card through online registration


The application form is an individual case. Upon receipt of the sports equipment, it is necessary to show the identity as well as the proof of entry fee. In case of receipt of equipment by another participant, a photocopy of his or her representative’s ID or passport is required. During registration Center operation, minor runners who have applied for registration must present their police ID or other official government document – ID in order to receive their sports equipment.


Your participation will be valid and completed after the deposit of the participation fee after your registration. Your full name must be clearly written on the payment receipt.


MONEY REFUND – CANCELLATION POLICY: Cancellations may be accepted only after written notification and only in case such a written notification is sent to the Organizing Committee by March 12th, 2020. After that date no cancellation request is accepted. In case of confirmed cancellation, the registration fee is refunded to the applicant, given that 2 euros are deducted for operational reasons. All refund requests are processes about one month after the event.

Participants should place their personal belongings and clothing in the special plastic bag they will receive from the Registration Center.

CAUTION: The skaters should clearly show the Bib number on the bag and should not contain travel documents, valuables, money or medicines. The organizers are not responsible for any loss of value. No other backpacks or bags will be picked up at the starting point except for the special plastic bags of the event.


Roller Marathon – Skaters must deliver their plastic bags with their personal belongings and clothing to the cars that will be at the Start, near the Arch at least 50′ before the start of each race.


Upon finishing the race, the bag is received by presenting the entry number (bib number) in a specially designed space, immediately after the Runners Reception Section (coastal road, K. Karamanlis statue)

Roller Marathon

The organization provides buses to transfer the Marathon runners from Thessaloniki to the starting-point (Pella).

Point of Departure: at the coastal road, right after the White Tower at Andronikou Str (Vasileos Georgiou Av. extension)


All runners must be there one hour before the race starts.


There will be different departures

·         Elite starting area: <1h25 for men & <1h35 for women: Documentary evidence of performance asked during the registration.

·         Sport/Leisure starting area: >1h25 for men & >1h35 for women.


For the Sport/Leisure people (>1h25 for men, >1h35 for women) there will be waves of departure every 3 minutes.

Skaters participate on their own responsibility. The organizers are not responsible for anything that may happen during the race, concerning HEALTH issues due to lack of preventive medical check. It is highly recommended to the athletes to proceed to all the appropriate medical examinations.

The organizers will not ask for medical assurance, as all the athletes participate on their own responsibility and the under-aged athletes on their guardians’ responsibility.


Each athlete participates in the «race» with his or her own responsibility, having undergone the necessary medical examinations and having undergone the necessary cardiac examinations. It also states that the information stated in the application form is absolutely true. It waives any claim against the organizers of the «fight» for any physical or other damage or damage for any reason and consents to the free use of its name / image by the Media, the Organizer, and the Sponsors for promotion’s aims. Finally, every participant undertakes that he or she will under no circumstances assign the number of participation to another person in order to participate in the «race». The participant accepts all the above terms of participation. (In the case of a minor, the details of the parent who cares for them must be completed and submitting the application means that the parent gives his / her consent to participate in the race and agrees with the content of the application).

Along the Marathon course there will be 15 Refueling Stops (support stations), the first is at the 5th km.

Chemical toilets are available at the starting point, at all Route Support Stations and at Termination.


Medical support is available at the starting point, at all Route Support Stations and at Termination.

There are Km-markers at every kilometer during the course.


The time limit for the Roller Marathon is 2:30 hours after the start of the race (runners should finish until 12:30).


·         Participants, who are slower than the time limit 2:30 hours (after passing the time measure mat) must leave the course and continue on the sidewalk or ride in the broom waggon to the finish. Only participants who skate over the finish mat until the finish time will receive a medal, refreshment and massage.

·         Electronic time control

A race timing company will be in charge of the results of the race.

Carpets of electronic control and time check: at start, at 10km at 21,1Km (half marathon), at 30km, at 40km and finish.

Runners that don’t have electronic indication at the points referred above will be cancelled. 

·         Results


Unofficial results will be announced on our official website after the end of the Race, giving the opportunity to any participant to raise an objection within the next ten worked days. The official results for all categories will be announced on our website about fifteen worked days after the race.

Place: to be announced

Date:   Thursday 9.4.20 from 13:00 to 19:00

               Friday 10.4.20 from 10:00 to 19:00

               Saturday 11.4.20 from 10:00 to 19:00

Only skaters that have officially and on time registered for the event can participate in the race.

The event takes place the day and time that has been announced as such, regardless of weather conditions. Only in cases of exceptional circumstances or other force major incident, ANEMOS THESSALONIKIS and MEAS TRITON and the Organizing Committee of the event have the right to decide on the postponement of the start time or the cancellation of the event, depending on current conditions. In such cases, the registration fee is NOT refunded to the registered skaters.

ANEMOS THESSALONIKIS and MEAS TRITON and the Organizing Committee of the event have the right to change the event’s schedule, the terms and conditions regarding participation and staging of the event, without prior notice, by posting such a decision on the website of the event.

The personal data declared by the participant upon submission of entry form are true and correct. In case the entry form is submitted by a third party, it is granted that the participant consents to his/her personal data being given to the Organizing Committee of the event by the third party.

Participants agree that their personal data are given to third parties for reasons related to timing, results’ ranking and announcement on the internet. Personal data of the participants required during the registration procedure are stored and will be used for purposes only related to the staging of the event. By submitting an entry form, each participant consents to the storing of his/her personal data and its use for the purposes of the event.

Participants consent to the use of their image during the race by the organizers, sponsors, or other partners of the event for promotional purposes, with no right to claim full or partial compensation for that reason.

By agreeing to current Terms & Conditions, the participant consents to his/her photos being taken by the event’s photographers and the Official Photo Agency of the event. The event is being filmed, recorded and exploited by means of television, film, video or some other broadcast or media format. The participant agrees to the use and reproduction of his/her name, likeness, appearance and photograph. All such commercial rights in relation to the above belong entirely to the organization and the participant has no proprietary rights in relation to any film, photograph or other such recorded media, nor right to claim full or partial compensation for that reason.

The photos and videos of the participants are uploaded on the webiste of the Official Photo Agency of the event, they are visible by the public and remain as such without time limitation. Any photographs may be purchased online following the event, through the website of the event’s Official Photo Agency. In any case, the participant may contact the Organizers for any issues related to the processing stated in the current clause/paragraph.

ANEMOS THESSALONIKIS and MEAS TRITON and the Organizing Committee have the right to suspend, or close registration without prior notice.

Registration to any of the races is possible only through the online registration platform available in the official event’s website, or by any alternative way indicated by the Organizing Committee.

Race bibs and kits are personally collected by the registered skaters themselves and only from the event’s Registration Centre during the days and hours announced. The registered runner needs to present a valid identification document (ID card, passport etc.). A registered skater may authorize another person to collect his/her race bib on his/her behalf from the event’s Registration Centre, as mentioned above, presenting an authorization by the registered skater on the responsibility, of the latter, as well as a copy of the ID card or other legal identification document (for example passport, driving license) of the registered skater.

In order to collect race bibs and race kits, it is required, in addition to presenting ID card or other legal identification document (eg passport, driving license) of the registered skater, to also present a copy of the “bib number notification e-mail” that states the skater’s race bib, and is sent to all registered skaters.

Participants are obliged to strictly follow the instructions of the organizers, volunteers, and event’s staff, including calls to abandon the course and stop the race.

Any breach or non-compliance with the race regulations announced by the international regulations of AIMS and IAAF result in the disqualification of the participant from the event and erasure from the race results without any kind of compensation.

The race bib is personal and may not be conveyed, transferred, or be given to another skater under any circumstances.

Participants are obliged to read and respect the instructions provided by the Organizing Committee of the event, either electronically, or in printed format (such as Medical & Technical Instructions, Race Manual) and which have been announced in the official website of the event.

Every participant is obliged to fill in, on his/her own responsibility, the data required at the back side of his/her race bib, whether it is relevant to contact information, or personal medical data.

The official time is the time from the starting gunshot. The net time is the time from the moment the participant passes the mat at the start line, until he/she crosses the relevant mat at the finish line.

The race classification results from the official finish time. The net and split time is announced only for the information of the skater.


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